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Schools in Canada

Why Schooling in Canada?

Canadian high schools have one of the best education systems in the world. Their vibrant locations and inclusion of multiple cultures are among the many reasons why numerous international students choose to study high school here. People in Canada are friendly and welcoming to students from all around the globe helping them access a quality lifestyle.

Many parents choose Canada for their children as it provides various benefits to them in the long run. Students get to live and study in an environment that supports them socially and academically and choose from a variety of programs available to them. The main reasons for the success in the Canadian education system are fairness and equal opportunities for everyone. 

Here are a few of the reasons for choosing Vineyard Schools to pick your high school program

  • PR status is easily attainable with completing high school in Canada 

  • Once you become a Permanent Resident in Canada, University/College fee will be much lesser than a foreign student

  • If you choose to live with a host family, your safety will be ensured by a family approved by the government.

How to school in Canada?

Public School

Students enter high school in Canada from 9th to 12th grade in most provinces and territories as public schooling is overseen by the local and provincial governments. In Quebec, students enter high school from grades 7-11. These schools are remarkable in terms of resources and infrastructure. Almost all the schools hold  extracurricular clubs or sports activities which the student can participate in.


​Studying in vibrant locations like Ontario and Alberta, students can choose which school they want to study depending on the area they are going to be living in among many other factors.

Private School

Private high schools are usually boarding schools that focus on specific criteria such as schools sponsored by a religious group, or single-gender education, or schools for gifted children. Students will be living on campus where they will be supported by well-experienced faculty and staff round the clock.

These private schools focus on preparing its students for entry into a college or university. They provide rigorous training to allow the student to exploit their full potential.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are an essential part of your Canadian experience. They last usually up to 2 weeks at a time during which the child will be taken on trips to Canada’s cultural landmarks and will be getting a sneak peak to student life in Canada. The students will attend language classes in the mornings and will have fun activities planned for them in the evenings. With adult supervision and 24/7 emergency contact, the student will either stay with a host family or in a student residence with all necessary amenities. 

Where do students reside?

Students studying in Canadian high schools can either live with a family approved by the government, called a host family or a student dormitory.

Living with a Host Family

A new life away from home in a new country can seem challenging. But a host family can help support you through it all. They are friendly, warm and welcoming to all foreign students and will to help you adjust to your new lifestyle. Your family will help you get acclimatized to your new surroundings, the people and culture. Since all the host families will be speaking English as their primary language, you will be immersed in their language and culture and as a result improving your English rapidly.

In their new home, each student will have their own room. This will contain a bed, closet space, study area, etc. giving them their own personal space. There might be one other international student living with the same host family as you. Since no two students of the same nationality are placed in the same house together, the scope for spending time with your host family increases along with the chance to familiarise themselves with other cultures and backgrounds.

We at Vineyard Schools help you choose the right school and a host family suited to you.

Living in a dormitory

Some Canadian private schools are boarding schools where you will be living with numerous other Canadian and international students. This gives you a chance to immediately meet and get acquainted with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It creates an opportunity to bond with new friends and a sense of belonging in a community. The common areas in the dorms allow students to engage themselves with relaxing activities in their free time.

The dormitories are always separate for boys and girls.

Getting from class to your dorm is much easier as everything is within walking distance. You could, of course, participate in the various after school club activities or your favorite sport. There is always something to do during the weekends with fellow students. The students and supervising adults will always be there for you when you're feeling homesick.

Peel Schools Board

The Peel School board is a reputed public school board with quality education and good transport facilities. It provides a lot of scope for personal development with various club activities. Their programs will help you thrive!

10,170​ students

receive Special Ed. support

257 schools
217 Elementary | 42 Secondary
122 Brampton
16 Caledon
121 Mississauga

French Immersion / Extended French language learners

155,000+ students

Visit Our

PSB Website


The Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board is a private school with 151 schools operating under it. With government-certified teachers, the students experience the best quality education. The incredible programs developed for bringing out the best in every student help them every step of the way.

One of the best Numeracy, English Literacy & Graduation rates in Ontario

Operates 151 schools

(125 elementary, 26 secondary)

Exceptional programs offered: CO-OP, International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM)

Largest and most diverse 80,000 students community

THE Third Academy

Third Academy is focused on delivering the right type of education for each student, according to their needs. Children with learning disabilities like Autism, ADHD, dyslexia get caring and compassionate attention from our teachers. Students can slowly remediate back to the conventional schooling system.

Remediating the child’s learning abilities

Unique learning needs of your child met

Individualized Program Plan (IPP) for each student

Caring and Compassionate teachers

High School Fees

The fee for public high school for international students ranges between CAD 8000 to CAD 14000 per year. Including the costs of food, accommodation, and living with a caring host family the fee ranges from CAD 23000 to CAD 36000 per year.

The fee for studying in a private school would be more expensive, as they are selective, competitive to get in and are focused on bringing the best out of students with great potential.

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