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"goodness is the only investment

that never fails"

Dr. jacob

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Vineyard is committed to supporting the selfless endeavors of our people. We are proud to be partners of Caritas Global Outreach Foundation, a nonprofit missioned to give entire communities the sustainable tools they need to feed families, educate children, improve health and become economically self-sufficient. Caritas currently runs 8 schools, 3 children’s homes, and various other community projects that includes a home for AIDS patients in Rwanda and rehabilitation centers in Africa and India. Various Caritas projects are currently impacting over 9,000 lives and we at Vineyard are proud to be a part of that story. 

At Vineyard, we encourage our partners, employees and clients to reach out, share their time, experiences and resources with those less fortunate. Our team apply their enthusiasm and skills not only with their clients, and in their personal causes and interests, but also in giving back to society. Reach out to us to find out more about Caritas and how you or your company can invest into nonprofit projects you believe in. 

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