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Vineyard has successfully turned around and transformed businesses in a multitude of industries. Our continuously evolving domain knowledge and expertise of these industries have well improved our development of industry-specific tools, benchmarks, and offerings. A few of the industries we serve include Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Public Services, Real Estate, Technology, Telecom, and Waste Management. 

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Our involvement in the education industry helps us develop an in-depth understanding of industry issues and provide clients with appropriate service responses. We have identified education as a core focus sector, wherein, we have developed in-depth industry-specific knowledge and perception on the issues they face with the objective of providing greater value to clients.


With our in-depth understanding of the ever-changing hospitality industry, we provide technical expertise and turnaround services to our clients in the hospitality and leisure sector. With our partner network and extensive knowledge of the industry practices, we have a proven track record of aiding property groups and restaurant chains to attain better internal controls, increase revenue, and maximize the returns to their shareholders.

waste management

Vineyard conceptualized and created value for the top waste management company in the Middle East. Our offering includes strategy, financial structuring, and waste treatment & disposal advice. We have worked with governments to build an Integrated Waste Management Solution with a holistic approach taking into economic, financial, and environmental considerations.

real estate

We work with real estate companies in assessing the allocation of real estate resources for value creation, identify inherent risks and key drivers for cost management and revenue maximization, thereby helping companies make better decisions. Setting up internal controls, bringing in efficiency in preventive and responsive maintenance and related cost management, yield and profitability analysis and reporting are few of the services we provide.


Before Vineyard was birthed, Dr. Jacob played a key role in building the strategy for one of the largest telecom providers in the Middle East. Dr. Jacob was also part of a 3-member team that was sent to East Africa, to set up one of the largest telecom providers in the region. With our background, Vineyard is uniquely positioned to build strategies for Telecom providers around the world. 


We serve our tech clients by providing them with services that not only help meet short term goals but help set futuristic growth and leadership. We work towards ensuring that our clients are well benefited while partnering with us to meet the challenges they face. Strategy and operations advisory, project management advisory and acquisition advisory are some of the services we offer. 

public services

We have played key roles in restructuring projects for government and public entities. We work hand in hand with our clients, looking out for practical, scalable and adaptable solutions that solve pressing challenges faced across education, security, technology, and public finance. 


We believe in the need to invest in value-based healthcare, with innovative delivery models while exploring and utilizing cutting edge technologies across the globe. We conceive and deliver the ideal strategies that account for the impact of rising healthcare costs, changing patient preferences, evolving health technologies, and varying shareholder expectations.

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