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Our involvement in education helps us develop an in-depth understanding of the issues our clients face, whether institutions or individuals. We have identified education as a core focus sector, wherein, we have developed in-depth industry-specific knowledge with the objective of providing greater value to our students and partners.

We have successfully launched educational solution startups, institutes and companies that have provided both management and educational solutions across the Middle East and India. Vineyard Education was birthed as with a mission to transform educations institutes and the lives of students, by creating new opportunities and equipping our students to achieve their dreams.

career development programs



& High School


Kodaikanal Christian College

Kings Cornerstone International College




Vineyard is offering unique career development programs for professionals working around the world to enhance their careers and lifestyles by relocating them, assisting them in finding work and settling them in Canada. Vineyard is offering these programs in partnership with Logos Worldwide and Thomson Career College, both located in Ontario, Canada. We offer career development programs primarily for the following careers/professionals:
  1.  Nurses
  2.  Pharmacists
  3.  Other Medical Professions (open to anyone with a medical background)
  4.  Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  5.  Hospitality Managers
  6.  Network & Security Analysts
  7.  Robotics & Automation Engineers / Technicians 
  8.  Software Engineers

We focus on these lines of work because they are high in demand and it is relatively easier to find good paying jobs within these fields in Canada. Our offering is unique because we create unique pathways based on the strength and desire of each candidate, and we take care of them from the time they land in Canada until they have applied and received their PR. Our fees are also based on our success, in the event that any pathway fails, a large portion of the fee will be refunded. 




& High School Admissions

Taking advantage of our strong network and relationships in Canada, Vineyard also offers University, College & High School Admissions for candidates who only wish to study in Canada. Our high school admission program is unique, as we offer students who are still minors a chance to finish their last few years of schooling in Canada, where the high school system is one of the best in the world. In doing so, the child has a significantly higher chance of getting into some of Canada’s best universities. We will place each child with a local guardian who will be personally responsible for the well-being of the child. 


Kodaikanal Christian


Vineyard is responsible for all international admission for Kodaikanal Christian College. The 40-plus-acre campus of Kodaikanal Christian College is not just breathtakingly scenic, but also offers a serene inspiring ambiance to study and stay fit, thus enabling better focus on the future. Being the only co-ed college in Kodaikanal, KCC offers exclusive aptitude training and character shaping programs. Cutting-edge teaching methods with an updated curriculum are currently followed to make sure KCC maintains international standards in higher education. We thus mold tomorrow’s leaders through our purpose-driven education module. KCC is accredited with a High B by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognized KCC under Section 12(B)&2(F).

For more information and admission procedures please visit or email


Kings Cornerstone International College

Vineyard is responsible for all admissions in the GCC and Africa. Kings Cornerstone International has exclusive partnerships with RMIT University, the University of Sunderland and the University of Hertfordshire to offer packaged courses in a variety of fields. Their unique offering allows students to do half their study in India (at a significantly lower cost) and complete the remaining year(s) in one of the partner universities. This allows students to obtain international degrees at almost half the cost of studying the full program abroad. 

For more information and admission procedures please email

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